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We design and support an array of solutions including:

Display Advertising – We support everything from standard IAB and OPA units and rich media to custom designed non-traditional formats.

Custom Solutions – IC Studio regularly builds custom integrated programs that leverage content, the latest technologies, tools and platforms.

AudienceMatch Targeting – We leverage a host of technologies that enable us to directly pinpoint distinct audiences by HHI, investable assets, job title, location, age, context, retargeting and more.

Co-Registration – InvestingChannel is the leading independent finance & investing lead generation platform.

Email/Newsletter – InvestingChannel has the largest list of double opted-in financial newsletters and dedicated emails online reaching over 15 million investors across 100+ email lists.Subscription Products – We have a unique platform that delivers premium, actionable content to a wide-ranging investment audience.

Investment Games – Engage captive investing audiences as they spend hours honing their trading skills with a virtual trading simulator that directly follows the market in real-time.

Video – Achieving an 83% video completion rate, our videos are viewed by investors across the entire financial landscape.

Social Media – Our editorial experts reach more than 1 million investors on Twitter, and counting, supplying must-have updates on actionable ideas. We can offer similar reach to your content as well.

Mobile/Tablet – InvestingChannel offers sponsorship opportunities for advertisers seeking to capture engaged investors on tablets and smart phones.

Offline activation – We provide 360-degree opportunities that extend into exclusive financial conferences, college campuses, events, direct mail and more.