InvestingChannel is the most innovative and scalable marketing platform in financial services. We have invested in tools that allow our teams to create the greatest value for our clients. Approaching the digital marketing space in a holistic and aggressive way, we have invested in building pioneering technologies that allow us to provide a single solution to a multi-touchpoint problem. This has lead us to the creation of scalable technologies to address all the various avenues that marketers, publishers and consumers leverage in this ecosystem. From a variety of ad products and data-driven solutions, our Ad Platform and other applications have been designed to allow us to quickly react to opportunities and deploy the right execution and message. Ultimately, we look to partner with best of breed technologies combined with our proprietary tools to maximize yield for publishers, ROI for our marketers and enhance the user experience.

However, scale over excellence has never been our policy. Over the years, we have developed numerous tools to guarantee that efficiency and transparency is central to our offering. In pursuit of this goal, tools such as our Optimization System ensures that ads are shown to the right user and that campaigns perform and our 360 Insights System provide the granular level of transparency to our publishers.

All of this serves to make InvestingChannel the most efficient, innovative and scalable marketing platform in Financial Media. Central to this mission is bringing publishers and marketers closer together, helping to foster a symbiotic relationship between brand and audience.

Core Technologies:

Ad Platform (Tag Manager & Data Hub): is the foundational technology that manages ads across all of the sites as well as controls data, vendor integrations and optimizations.

Yield Engine (Header Bidder): is at the core of InvestingChannel’s programmatic capabilities. Multiple demand sources bid on the same inventory at the same time, creating competition and increasing yield.

Custom Solutions: is a suite of award winning, custom creative and templated solutions designed to drive high audience engagement.

Branded Content: proprietary native ad serving solution built to support one of the fastest growing areas in digital advertising by creating more inventory and increasing campaign performance as well as cutting ad serving costs.

Optimization Engine: is a proprietary campaign optimization tool that uses historical and real-time performance data to predict and optimize campaigns to achieve and exceed client KPI’s. The workflow efficiencies of this solution have increased optimizations per campaign fivefold.

Scalable Data Solutions: a suite of new and innovative data solutions utilizing technology and an expansive mix of first- and third-party data to better segment and target highly coveted audiences.

Publisher Tool Kit: proprietary publisher traffic monetization and audience engagement solutions that, for example, allow for seamless injection of ads without any publisher involvement or automated newsletter development including marketing, management and sales.

360 Insights: is the primary portal between the publisher and InvestingChannel; providing analytics, reporting, network updates and ad tag creation. O & O site that curates the best content from the publisher group as well as original content from TrackStar – insights based on the top tickers read across the sites by finpros. – all in our own syndication platform.