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Mike Shedlock
Mish’s Global Economic Outlook

An RIA representative for Sitka Pacific Capital Management whose excellence in finance has adopted a loyal following on his site paying close attention to his daily commentary and outlook

Ian Dogan
Insider Monkey
Insider Monkey’s hybrid evaluation system was created in 2003 by Dr. Ian Dogan. Dr. Dogan has a Ph.D. in financial economics with a specialization in insider trading. Dr. Dogan has provided consulting services to institutional investors and hedge funds, and managed a $200+ million fund using a strategy he developed utilizing insider transactions. Insider Monkey will serve the outcome of the methodologies developed by Dr. Dogan to ordinary investors who don’t have access to academic quality research and tools to shape their investments.

Simon Maierhofer

Simon Maierhofer, founder of iSPYETF, is a self-taught entrepreneur and market forecaster. In the early 2000s when ETFs were still in their infancy, Simon co-founded ETFguide where he launched the ETF Profit Strategy Newsletter in 2008. His approach of simplifying complex concepts into easy-to-understand analysis attracted nearly 10,000 paying subscribers in just a few years.Simon has personally appeared on CNBC, FOX News, Channel 8 and his opinions have been published in the Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, USA Today,,,, Yahoo Finance!, Google Finance, and other outlets.

Tyler Durden
Zero Hedge

Tyler Durden is a top 10 most influential financial journalist and his site Zero Hedge has become the world’s premier source of cutting-edge market data and breaking-news intelligence

Bill McBride
Calculated Risk

Credited as one of the first bloggers to break news on the housing crisis in 2005, McBride delivers insight on global economic trends, from the housing market to stock & government policy, which has led to top spots on Technorati & Times’ 25 best Financial blogs

Lon Juricic

President and Founder of, a critical news analysis and information hub. Oft-quoted in Dow Jones and Bloomberg, among others, Lon uses his expertise to uncover valuable trading ideas for investors across the board, individual to institutional


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