InvestingChannel is committed to developing a platform to propagate unique voices in finance that provide real, actionable and trusted content & tools. IC provides the resources and infrastructure to monetize the digital properties of these industry experts in order to best showcase their perspectives. This allows publishers to focus on creating quality content and building loyal audiences, while our team operates as each site’s business arm, working to scale their businesses by broadening exposure in the marketplace and attracting marquee advertisers. InvestingChannel achieves this through its turn-key monetization solution, tapping into all digital ad revenue opportunities, unlike other partners that typically limit access to a single ad revenue stream.

Our team employs a consultative approach – working with publishers on their site redesigns, building newsletter databases, driving traffic, honing content strategies and layering in data to enhance their audience targeting. InvestingChannel also provides publishers with a range of seller services such as an end-to-end newsletter product to engage their users, a real-time tracking system to monitor analytics and revenue, design consultations to optimize site functionality and an array of vendors to provide services (such as ad blocking/quality, market data, traffic). We partner with an exclusive consortium of 100+ publishers and are always looking for quality investor sites.